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AMMC: the first product was received from the technological waste of the "Ingichka" mine

30 August 2022, 9:55 2106

Today, the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex pays great attention to the processing of man-made waste accumulated over the years. Involvement in waste recycling has been proven to be effective.

"Ingichka" mine, located in Samarkand region, was transferred to JSC " Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex" this year. The production of new types of high-added-value exportable products has been launched due to the processing of man-made waste from the "Ingichka" tungsten mine and the extraction of tungsten concentrate. Including, recently, the first tungsten product has been obtained from the "Ingichka" mine.

For information, tungsten is a rare metal and is the basis for hard alloys. Tungsten is used for alloying steels, for obtaining corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant hard alloys. It is also widely used in aviation, cosmonautics and electrical engineering. Due to its high density, armor is also made from it. The price of 1 kg tungsten is 40 US dollars presently in world market.

100 tons of tungsten is obtained per year in return for the processing of man-made waste from the "Ingichka" mine.

It is noteworthy that this project made it possible to create 150 new jobs.

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