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AMMC won an international scholarship

27 December 2022, 9:3 1992

On December 25 of this year, the National Assembly of Korea passed a decision to allocate a grant of 15 billion won (about 12 million US dollars) to the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex.

Within the framework of this grant, an industrial experimental workshop will be established under the Uzbek-Korean Scientific and Technical Center of the Association for the Production of Rare Metals and Hard Alloys. Modern laboratory equipment and technological equipment are brought to this workshop. In the new workshop, research work is carried out on the modernization of production, the attraction of new technologies based on the Commercialization of Scientific Developments program.

The scientific developments and presentations presented by a group of experts and scientists of the Almaliq mining and metallurgical Complex gained importance in obtaining this scholarship at 17th International New and Nano Materials Symposium (ISNNM-2022) conducted in Korea Republic on November 14-18.

For information, it can be said that more than 20 countries took part in receiving this grant, and the allocation of grants to AMMC was based on stable production rate, integration of industry and science, application of scientific developments to production, and scientific achievements of scientists. factors are given importance.

This grant is allocated for the infrastructure of preparation for the commercialization of scientific developments for Uzbek companies and for the purpose of attracting new technologies for the commercialization of metal processing technologies, rare metals and deep processing of copper. It is also intended to increase the scientific potential of the workforce in Uzbekistan and the opportunities of the private business sector between Korea and Uzbekistan.

The project is planned to be implemented in 2023-2027. Within the framework of the project, pilot equipment will be delivered to the industrial experimental workshop of the Uzbek-Korean scientific and technological center within the Union, and a joint scientific research program will be implemented. Experts of the rare metals and copper industry will work in Uzbekistan from Korea, and engineers of the Complex will undergo internships in Korea.

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