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Construction works are being carried out rapidly

13 September 2022, 12:46 917

The construction of the 3rd copper enrichment factory continues at a rapid pace within the framework of the investment project "Development of the Yoshlik-1 mine", which is recognized as a mega project at the AMMC.

As of September 1, 2022, the construction of the village for the constructors and administrative buildings for 1.5 thousand people has been completed within the project.

76.25 thousand cubic meters of concrete works, 14.4 thousand tons of reinforcement works, 187.0 thousand cubic meters of drilling and blasting works, 8.7 million cubic meters of earthworks have been completed.

In addition, the necessary land areas for waste storage facilities have been allocated, and land works are being carried out today.

The companies "Wood" (Italy) were involved in the design work, and "Technip Energies" (Great Britain) were involved in the technical evaluation and acceptance of project documents.

A total of 1,303 documents within the framework of the basic engineering planned in the EPC contract were fully developed by the designing company "Wood".

for receiving basic engineering and working documents

RMS-contractor (Technip Energies) was engaged.

The 3rd copper enrichment factory’s external water supply scheme for the construction of water supply facilities was approved.

The exact boundaries of the areas necessary for the objects and the necessary land areas were allocated.

Working documents are being developed by "Uzgeorangmet LITI".

"Uzbekhydrogeology" is carrying out prospecting works to confirm water reserves.

Regarding the power supply facilities of this facility, a competition was held for the construction of external power supply facilities of the "Yoshlik I" mine and a contract was signed with the company "Uzelektroapparat-Electroshield" and today the foundations of high-power power lines have been laid and the ground works are being carried out.

Including, project works were completed by 98 percent, construction and assembly works were completed by 89 percent and delivery of basic equipment was completed by 90 percent.

Currently, the construction of substation buildings is being carried out. By the end of this year, all construction and assembly works will be completed,

Commissioning and operation works are planned for the first quarter of 2023.

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