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Initiative is motor of modernization and retooling!

09 February 2022, 15:10 1211

Transportation of goods by rail is one of the most economical and provides great opportunities for the transportation of fairly large objects. Almost all land transport loses in terms of its load-carrying characteristics to railway transport. This allows this type of cargo transportation to be one of the most popular in mining and heavy industry. But the transportation process requires constant refinement of the most optimal logistics and transport routes. The AMMC is considering the implementation of several investment projects, such as “Modernization of the Central Road Section (CRS) of the Industrial Railway Transport Department (IRTD). In February of this year, at the initiative of the transport department of JSC “Almalyk MMC”, a technical solution was taken for consideration - changing the route of movement of incoming and outgoing goods of JSC “Almalyk MMC” through the Ozodlik station, and the management of the plant accepted this proposal for implementation. The implementation of this proposal will ensure the stable acceptance of technological goods necessary in the production process in the structural divisions of the plant, they will accept the volume of cargo transportation, which should increase up to three times by 2040, and save up to 6.7 billion UZS per year.

In order to reduce the cost of production and reduce the distance of road transportation in the delivery of imported ore and technological cargo from the railway station of the city of Pap from a distance of 65 km, a rationalization proposal was submitted for consideration entitled "Changing the route scheme for transporting inventory items of the Chadak Mine Administration from the Pap station" to the Temiryulobod station, where it was planned to transfer the warehouse facilities of the Temiryulobod railway station, the distance to which is 12 km from the Chadak Mine Administration. Transportation of goods from the Chadak Mine Administration was carried out by rail from the station of departure to the Pap station of Uzbekistan Temir Yollari JSC, then transportation from the Pap station to the warehouses of the Chadak Mine Administration was carried out using road transport over a distance of 70 km. And also, the existing transshipment base of the Chadak Mine Administration was not intended for mass acceptance of goods, including gondola cars, since there were no bunkers designed for two-way unloading, in addition to this, the rail-sleeper lattices of the railway track were assembled using rails of the R-43 brand which are considered morally and technically obsolete.

The work on the implementation of this project was organized in a timely manner, the necessary amount of road construction equipment was allocated, staff units with the necessary work skills, for the timely completion of the construction of the railway infrastructure, track fitters, signaling and communications specialists were sent, and other specialists of the plant were also involved.

The implementation of this proposal will reduce the transportation distance by 58 km and save the cost of fuel and lubricants (diesel fuel, tires, etc.) on average 500 million UZS per year approximately, it also creates the possibility of timely provision of plans for the transportation of the following technological technologies by rail cargo for the needs of the plant: ores from the Kauldy mine – 24,000 tons per year, steel balls – 480 tons per year, lime – 1920 tons per year, cement – 120 tons per year, liquid chlorine – 480 tons per year, sand, crushed stone – 200 tons per year, timber – 960 m3 per year, other goods and materials and mining equipment.

To date, the construction of this facility has been completed and the necessary permits are being prepared for commissioning in the prescribed manner.

At the same time, the work on modernization of existing railway sections will continue.


Head of Railway Transport and Logistics Department

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