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The Special Machinery for Mining Works

03 February 2023, 10:3 1602

At present, the implementation of the investment project “Development of the Yoshlik I deposit” is underway in full swing at the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Plant.

Explosive, excavation, construction and other types of large-scale work are carried out, the implementation of which cannot be imagined without special equipment: excavators, motor graders, bulldozers, dump trucks, hydraulic hammers, loaders, drilling machines, etc.

Of course, the amount of this equipment significantly affects the volume and speed of the work carried out. To do this, the plant acquires new modern excavators – EKG-20K.

This is a specialized technical device of high power, which is used in open pit mining. With the help of these gigantic machines, the opening and extraction of rocks and the extraction of minerals are carried out.

In order to speed up stripping operations at the Yoshlik I deposit, 4 excavators were delivered to the plant. Currently, they are being assembled by specialists of site No. 8 for the assembly and installation of technological installations for the management of specialized works.

As Abdukodir Mirakhmedov, the Head of the site, said, one excavator has been fully assembled to date, and the mechanical parts of the second one have been prepared for assembly.

For reference, the weight of this equipment is 725 tons, height and width – 19.2 and 10.6 meters, digging height – 17 meters, digging radius – 22.6 meters, height and unloading radius – 10.5 and 19.5 meters, bucket capacity 20 cubic meters. The driver's cab is equipped with cameras and household appliances. The excavator is equipped with a modern automated system for diagnosing the condition of the mechanical and electrical parts, fire extinguishing systems and video surveillance with a 360-degree view.

It takes 50 days to assemble one excavator – 35 days for the assembly of mechanical parts and 15 days for electrical work. The latter is performed by employees of the small-scale mechanization department. A 125-ton railway crane of the Kalmakyr mining department is also involved in the work. The process is monitored by a representative of the manufacturer UZTM-KARTEX LLC. Work is carried out in 4 shifts.

Since 2017, workers at this site have assembled a total of 33 excavators. 2 of them are 10 cubic meters, 16 - 15 cubic meters and 13 - 20 cubic meters.

In addition, specialists prepared 23 SBSh-250 MN drilling rigs for work at the Yoshlik I field. In 2023, it is planned to purchase 3 more units of similar equipment.

The specialists also assembled the body part of 29 BelAZ dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 220 tons, which are involved in the work at the Yoshlik I mine.

High-quality and modern mining equipment is an important factor in the implementation of a large-scale investment project.

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