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We sell copper, zinc, molybdenum and tungsten products!

29 July 2022, 15:55 4469

For the convenience of foreign partners of JSC «Almalyk MMC», a currency platform ( has been created on the website of the Commodity Exchange of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The following products manufactured by the сomplex are regularly offered for export on this platform:

- Copper cathodes (grade M00k, GOST 546-2001);

- Copper tubes (O’zDST 3348:2018);

- Round enameled copper wires (diameter 0.25-1.8 mm, grade PET-155, GOST 21428-75);

- Copper sulphate pentahydrate technical (50 kg bags or 1250 kg big-bags, grade A, GOST 19347-2014);

- Zinc metal (25 kg ingots, steel bands, one bunch - 1-1,3 tons, grade C0A, GOST 3640-94);

- Zinc oxide (25 kg bags or big-bags of 350-1000 kg, grade BC-1);

- Molybdenum and tungsten (in rods and briquettes).

JSC «Almalyk MMC» offers cooperation and delivery of high quality goods to any country of the CIS and far abroad!

Website of JSC «Almalyk MMC»: 

Website of Commodity Exchange of the Republic of Uzbekistan: 

Contacts: (+998) 93 182-01-24; (+998) 90 964-23-53


The export geography of the complex includes such countries as Turkey, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Poland, Tajikistan, Indonesia, the Netherlands, China, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, Australia.

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and metallurgical raw materials supply

JSC «Almalyk MMC»

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