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It is more than 15 years now that the garment department has been engaged in sewing of working clothes for the Complex’ workers and delivering line-side. The major input materials are textiles and components provided by local enterprises.

All working clothes is being made with the use of modern equipment, and each order is subject to testing for compliance with the highest quality standards. The garment produced are characterized by wear resistance and  usability, and safely protect the workers from exposure to the cold, wind, rain, and fire.

The people employed are professionals in their own lines only.

The protective working suit, cotton, men’s type, model 8D9; the fabric: ‘Diagonal’, made in Uzbekistan, consists of a jacket and overalls; the jacket is of a straight-silhouette type, with stitched belt and a blind fly button fastener. The laps have 4 patch pockets, the upper patch pockets have flaps, which are of a Velcro-fasten type.

The back is yoked; sleeves are set-in, single-joint, and cuffed. The overalls is with length-regulated shoulder straps, there is a sectioned breast pocket with a Velcro-flap; two out breast voluminous pockets and one hip pocket, having a Velcro-flap. The rear half of the trousers have a special compartment for tools. The jacket’s left lap and the overalls’ right front half a light-reflecting ribbon is sewed on.   

The overalls, meant for men’s work, made of cotton; the fabric: ‘Diagonal’, made in Uzbekistan. The working overalls, having a central coat-breast zipper; there are two upper zipped patch pockets and two lower voluminous patch pockets; the back is of a yoke-type; set-in sleeves with cuffs.

The women’s overall, white, cotton, model 8D8; the fabric: cotton ‘Coarse calico, whitened’, made in Uzbekistan. The overall with a central coat-breast button clasp, with front  patch patterns out breast pockets, cuffed buttoned set-in sleeves. The back has a waist line half-belt, and there is the lay-down collar.

The bedclothes set, model Sh-1-04; fabric: cotton ‘Coarse calico, prints, made in Uzbekistan.    

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