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Kauldy mine

The Kauldy mine was put into operation on December 27, 1977. The main activity of the mine is the extraction of gold-bearing quartz ore, which is shipped to the copper smelter and used as fluxes in the metallurgical work-in-process.

Historical chronicle of the development of the Kauldy deposit.

Almalyk region, as an ore-bearing place, has been known since ancient times, as evidenced by numerous finds of ancient workings and tools of ancient mining, dated to the 9th - 12th centuries AD, which prove that in those distant times copper, lead and gold ores, as well as ornamental and precious stones were mined. However, the first geological information about the Almalyk region dates back to 70-80 years. the last century. They belong to the first researchers of Central Asia I.V. Mushketov, G.D. Romanovsky, N.A. Severtsov, V.N. Weber. Geological studies of the area were limited to these works for a long time.

As a result of prospecting and geological surveys in the Almalyk region, a large number of ore occurrences of copper, polymetals, gold, alumina and flux raw materials have been identified.

The beginning of the study of the gold content of the Almalyk region can be considered from 1959, when a specialized Akturpak team was organized as part of the Almalyk Geological Exploration Expedition, which was engaged in the study of gold manifestations. In 1959, an assessment of the gold content of quartz-sulfide veins at the Akturpak deposit began. In that year, E.B. Achkasova and V.I. Udot noted an increased gold content of a quartz vein at the Kauldy ore occurrence.

Geological exploration, evaluation of the Kauldy deposit and its promotion for exploration were carried out thanks to the optimism and enthusiasm of geologists I.I. Dabizha, E.Z. Meshchaninov, L.V. Goncharov, who in fact are the discoverers of the first commercial gold ore deposit in the Almalyk region.

Only as a result of the search and evaluation work carried out in 1965-1966. (I.I. Dabizha, E.Z. Meshchaninov, L.V. Goncharov) for the first time, an industrial ore body was established that did not come to the surface and reliably: based on core drilling materials, the prospects of the deposit were established, which made it possible since 1968 to move to preliminary, and since 1969 to detailed exploration of the deposit and transfer the object for industrial development (Dabizha I.I. 1968-69, Meshchaninov E.Z. 1965-66).

The explored area of ​​the Kauldy deposit was named "Central".

In 1971, when conducting detailed deep prospecting on the southern flank of the deposits, 800 m from the main ore bodies, a new hidden ore body with a standard gold grade was discovered. The new site was named "Southern Kauldy".

At the site "Southern Kauldy" prospecting and evaluation work was carried out in 1972 - 1974. (Meshchaninov E.Z. 1976)

Exploration of the South Kauldy site began in 1978. Preliminary and detailed exploration was carried out in 1978-1982.

The central section of the deposits has been mined since 1974, and due to the increase in reserves, to the present.

The construction of the mine was carried out simultaneously with exploration work from 1974 to 1977.

Kind of activity:

The main activity of the ore mine is the extraction of gold-bearing quartz ore, which is shipped to a copper smelter and used as fluxes in the metallurgical treatment. The Kauldy ore mine consists of the following production sites: an underground section, an underground section of mining and capital works, a site for maintaining mine workings and ventilation, a site for ore preparation, a section of the mine surface. Also in the structure of the mine is the assay-analytical laboratory, which is an auxiliary site. The product is quartz ore.

The Kauldy mine consists of 6 main sections: an underground section, an underground section for maintaining mine workings and ventilation, an ore preparation section, a mine surface section, a drilling section, a repair and construction section.

The underground section of the mine carries out the extraction of ore and the sinking of mining and development workings.

The underground section for maintaining mine workings and ventilation carries out work on fixing the workings and tunneling workings with wooden, metal and combined types of fastening, and also constantly monitors the quality of ventilation and fresh air supply to the mine faces. In addition, he is engaged in the preparation and filling of treatment blocks with stowing concrete.

The ore preparation section is located at a distance of 19 kilometers from the mine shaft. The main works of this section are the reception, processing and sorting into classes I - II and the shipment of ore to the metallurgical processing stage.

The mine surface section performs all the main and auxiliary works on the mine surface of the mine. The main task of the site is the crushing of waste rock and the release of sand for backfilling operations carried out in the mine.

The drilling works section was established in 2020 from among the employees of the mine, it is drilling wells to prepare the construction site in accordance with the construction project at the MOF-3 facility.

The repair and construction section carries out repair and construction work of the mine shops.

The construction of the South Kauldy section began in 1992.

At the site "Southern Kauldy" exploratory preparatory-cutting and clearing works are being carried out. Explored reserves allow extending the operation of the mine for another 10 years.

The operation of the South Kauldy site is aimed at replenishing the retired capacities of the existing mine without increasing its capacity.

Director: Khalbutaev Shukhrat Parsamatovich

Phone: (+998 78) 141-90-09


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