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A new service has been created within the railway management structure

21 January 2022, 8:59 1344

On the basis of order No. 1326 dated 25.10.2021 for “Almalyk MMC” JSC in the structure of industrial railway transport department the Service for extraction and shipment of non-metallic materials was created.

Today, 33 specialists of different professions, such as excavator operators, machine operators’ assistants, gas and electric welders, shift foremen, power engineers and others, work at three sites: the non-metallic construction materials pit, the slag dump area at the copper smelter and the Sharhia open pit.

As Ilyos Urolov, head of non-metallics extraction and shipment service, said, the main task of the service team is extraction and shipment of gravel and sand mixture required for the needs of the plant’s subdivisions with the help of 4 excavators.

Including for ballasting during the laying of railroad tracks, ensuring the strength of steel tracks of the Railway Management, for strengthening the tailings storage of the united tailing facilities of the copper concentration plant.

In addition, the gravel-sand mixture is needed for the foundation of the copper concentrator-3, which is being built as part of the investment project “Development of the Yoshlik-I deposit”. Also, specialists of the service deliver to the trust “Olmalikmetallurgkurilish” sand with fraction of 0-5 mm for the production of asphalt.

The new service began commercial operations in early December 2021. The workforce of the service faces serious challenges in meeting all the projected indicators. Thus, the plan for extraction and shipment of non-metallic materials for January is 247,235 tons. And the forecast for 2022 is 2 mln. 937 thous. 200 tons.

At the same time, according to the forecast, extraction and shipment of gravel and sand mixture from the pit “Sharhiya” is 1 mln. 970 thous. 100 tons, waste slag at copper concentration plant-2 - 600 thous. tons, and production of GSM in the pit “Transport” - 367 thous. 100 tons.

And judging by the pace of work all the projected indicators are expected to fulfill.

We wish the whole team of the new service development, further success and labor achievements.

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