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Silfuric acid
Standard:GOST 2184
Production cycle:
  • gas-washing the sulfur-containing process gases from the metallurgical aggregates;
  • in-depth drying the process gases;
  • contacting the gases with the transition of sulfurous anhydride into sulfuric anhydride;
  • absorption of the sulfuric anhydride with the transition to sulfuric acid (SO3 into H2SO4);
  • pouring into cisterns or containers to subsequent transportation.
Application range: The acid is used in the ore treatment operations, particularly at mining the rare elements; also, the production of mineral fertilizers; as electrolyte in lead accumulators; production of various mineral acids and salts; production of man-made fibers, dye stuffs, and smoke-forming and explosive materials; oil, metal-working, textile, leather, and other industries – is registered as a food additive E513 (emulsifier); industrial organic synthesis, sulfonation (synthetic detergents and intermediate products in the dye production sector), alkulation (production of isooctane, polyethylene-glucol, and caprolactam), etc.
Form and packing: The water-free sulfuric acid looks like a colorless transparent oily liquid, with the density 1.8305 g\cu m at the temperature 20° C. The sulfuric acid is shipped in special r\w cisterns or by the pipeline system. When shipping the sulfuric acid in cisterns or containers, a consignment will be no more than 10 cisterns or containers, and in case of the contact improved sulfuric acid and the improved oleum – no more than one cistern or one container. When shipping the product in barrels, the lot size does not exceed 20 tons.

brand ‘Improved’,

brand ‘Commercial’

The commercial sulfuric acid are manufactured  in line with the requirements of  GOST 2184 for the brands: improved and commercial (first-rate and second-rate). 

Наименование показателя




First grade

Second grade

Mass fraction of monohydrate, %


no less than 92.5

Mass fraction of iron (Fe), %, no more than




Mass fraction of residue after calcination, % no more th.



No norms

Mass fraction of nitrogen oxide (N2O3), %, no more than


No norms

Mass fraction of arsenic (As), %, no more than


No norms

Mass fraction of lead (Pb), %, no more than


No norms

Mass fraction of chlorides (Cl), %, no more than


No norms

Color in cu cm of comparison solution, no more than




transparent without dilution

No norms        

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