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Zinc powder
Standard:GOST 12601-2005
Production cycle:
  • re-melting the cathode zinc;
  • blasting the liquid zinc through a quartz pipe with compressed air;
  • catching the dust-like zinc in cyclones and bag filters.
Application range: For cementation when recovery of non-ferrous and noble metals.
Form and packing: The zinc powder has light-gray or gray color. The zinc powder is packed in special airtight packages: metal containers, drums made as per design documentation of the manufacturer, and flasks as per GOST 5799 of the ФС or ФСЦ type, or as per GOST 5037 of the ФА or ФЛ type.

Brand ПЦ6 (class Б)

The zinc powder is made according to requirements of GOST 12601 class Б, brand ПЦ6. 



Мас Mass fraction of residue on screen as per GOST 6613, no more than

Mass fraction of particles under 0.63 mm, but not exceeding 0.16 mm, at sifting through screens 063 K and 016 K as per GOST 6613, - no less than

Mass fraction of particles less than 0.25 mm, but no more than 0.05 mm, when bolting through screens 025 K and 005 K as per GOST 6613, - no less than

016 К

008 К

0071 К

005 К





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