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Administration for industrial railway transport

Kind of activity:

Transportation of the Complex freights. Includes four railway shops, five services, and extensive railway lines of 243,491 km, of which 221.79 km are electrified.

IRTD is a structural subdivision of JSC “Almalyk MMC”. Founded in 1953, it consists of 4 railway divisions (RD), 6 services and the Administrative and Economic Department.

RD No. 1. The main activity is the technological transportation of ore and rock mass from the mines "Kalmakyr", "Yoshlik 1" to the MOF, MOF-2 and dumps by rail transport.

RD No. 2. The main activity is the transportation of ore from the Sary-cheku quarry to MOF and MOF-2, the slag of the copper smelting plant to MOF-2 and the transportation of household goods arriving at JSC Almalyk MMC and sent from the finished product plant rail transport, other technological transportation in the divisions of the plant.

RD No. 3. The main activity is the repair of electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, track and tractor equipment.

RD No. 4. The main activity is the current maintenance, repair and capital construction of the railway track.

Quarry of non-metallic building materials (QNBM), where the extraction and processing of a gravel-sand mixture is carried out with the further release of finished products - crushed stone (fractions 5-20 mm, 20-40 mm) and sand (fractions 0-5 mm) for the needs of divisions of JSC "Almalyk MMC”.

Power supply service (PSS). The main function of repair and maintenance:

 - power lines;

 - engineering communications and plumbing;

 - contact networks.

Lifting and transport equipment service (LTES). The main activity is the repair and maintenance of machine tools, the operation of overhead, gantry and railway cranes.

Wagon service (VS). The main activity is the repair and maintenance of the IRTD wagon fleet.

Signaling, centralization, blocking (SCB) and communication service. The main activity is the current maintenance and repair of signaling devices and all types of communication used in IRTD.

Administrative and economic part. The main activity is the provision, storage, receipt and issuance of goods and materials, the maintenance of the sanitary condition of amenity premises and adjacent territories.

Service for the extraction and shipment of non-metallic materials. The main activity is the extraction and shipment of non-metallic materials (gravel-sand mixture) from the Sharkhiya quarry to the integrated tailing dump of copper processing plants in railway trains, as well as the shipment of slag from MOF dumps to MOF-2 in railway trains.

Internal Security Service. The main activity is the protection and protection of the facilities of workshops, sections of the IRTD from unlawful encroachments, ensuring compliance with the on-site regime, protection and maintenance of property in the subdivisions of the IRTD.

Engineering and railway (railway) facilities.

Railway stations - 13. The total length of railway tracks - 249.05 km, of which 221.6 km are electrified.

On the balance of IRTD there are traction units, diesel locomotives, dump cars, platforms, tanks, hopper / dispensers, special. and self-propelled equipment, automotive equipment, tractor equipment, railway cranes.

Acting head:  Manazarov Sirozhiddin Nuriddinovich

Phone: (+998 78) 141-90-09



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