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Services and departments under deputy chief engineer for production


Head of Department: Ramil Rafiljanovich Artikhujaev

Phone: (+998 78) 141-90-09


Main tasks and functions of the department:

  • Ensuring rhythmic production and scheduled output of products;
  • Implementation of guidance on development of production programs and schedules for the enterprises of the Plant, as well as their adjustment during the planning period;
  • Carries out the operational analysis of the work of the plant's divisions (per day, ten-days, month, etc.);
  • Supervises the work on creation of stocks of raw materials in the shops of the Plant and their provision with materials and fuel necessary for rhythmic operation.
  • Operatively manages the implementation of the production program (monthly, ten-days, daily, shift);
  • Brings production schedules, tasks for assortment, volume and quality, as well as operational tasks to information of the shops, controls their implementation, takes prompt measures to prevent violations of the production process;
  • Carries out an operational analysis of the work of the Plant's subdivisions;
  • Provides operational control of the course of major repairs of equipment and units, in accordance with the schedules for major repairs of the plant's equipment;
  • Coordinates the work of production shops, organizes operational assistance to shops in case of violation of the production process and elimination of accidents;
  • Carries out communication with the sales department on operational issues of shipment, as well as interaction with technical, mining, transport and other departments (services) to ensure the normal course of production;
  • Analyzes the dispatching schedules of the Plant (mining, processing, metallurgical, transport enterprises, sales of products, receipt of cargo, downtime of the main equipment) and failures, disruptions in the rhythm of production;
  • Takes prompt measures with calling the heads of enterprises and specialists in case of major disruptions in production schedules;
  • Controls the execution of operational tasks of the plant's management, identifies and analyzes the causes of failures.


Head of Bureau: Norenov, Uktam Akhmatali ogli

Phone: (+998 78) 141-90-09


Main tasks and functions of the bureau:

  • Ensuring compliance with industrial safety requirements at hazardous production facilities of the Plant;
  • Control over the timely conduct of the necessary tests and certifications by the relevant services, as well as diagnostics of technical devices, buildings and structures used at hazardous production facilities of the plant;
  • Coordination of the ongoing work aimed at preventing accidents and incidents at hazardous production facilities of the Plant, including ensuring readiness for localization of accidents and incidents, as well as the elimination of their consequences;
  • Development of measures aimed at improving the condition of industrial safety and preventing accidents and incidents at hazardous production facilities of the Plant;
  • Organization of the work on examination of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities;
  • Organization of the work on compulsory insurance of civil liability for causing harm to life, health and (or) property of other persons and the environment in the event of an accident at a hazardous production facility;
  • Implementation of control over the observance of the process discipline.
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